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Posted by John Fletcher on 3/03/14
On behalf of the Marion Unit 2 Foundation, a nonprofit group providing classroom grants and scholarships to high school seniors, we want to thank Rodney Laningham and Laningham Auction Services. For the last 3 years, Mr. and Mrs. Laningham have supported our organization during several fundraising projects. Mr. Laningham's wit, humor, and auction skills have helped raise thousands of dollars for classroom projects and needed funds for college bound seniors.

Posted by R. McDonough on 11/06/13
Laningham Auction Service did an excellent job with our farm auction. Rodney made many visits to our farm to go through everything for sale and ensured that the day of sale everything went smoothly. He and his staff were helpful and courteous. Highly recommended. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Posted by Christine Jochum on 6/16/10
Laningham Auction service was great! They are a good crew who works really hard and are honest men.

We had my father in laws estate auction with Rodney. Rodney and his guys went through the whole house for us and pulled out what could be sold and set up the whole auction for us. If I have to have another auction I would definitely use Laningham again and highly recommend them. They are honest people who work really hard for you.

Posted by Patty Edwards on 7/22/08
Laningham Auctions speak for themselves. My mother has had two auctions with this service. She was very pleased with the way the sales were handled. Working side by side with this crew was a pleasure. I would recommend everyone who reads this........attend one of the sales held by this crew and you will keep coming back to them.

Posted by Janice Webb on 5/27/08
I absolutely recommend Laningham auction services. Rodney and his team were professional, friendly, and sensitive to the family's mixed emotions of our parents estate sale.
Rodney and his crew went the extra mile to make a difficult situation as easy as possible. They all worked hard before, during, and after the sale to ensure it would be a successful day. The results exceeded our expectations.
Thanks again to Rodney and his crew for a successful auction. Laningham auction service was enjoyable to work with. Should the need arise, we would call Rodney.

Posted by John and Oney Merritt on 5/14/07
When you want the very best call Rodney and Linda Laningham Auction. They really go the extra mile - many times over - and do a fantastic job.
We would highly recommend this team of super folks for all your sale needs. They are fair, honest and hard working.
Thanks to all who made our sale great - you're a wonderful group of folks and it has been a joy to know you.

Posted by D. Homoya on 7/06/05
There is no question that i would recommend Laningham Auction Service. The sale of my uncles personal property was much more comfortable than i ever thought it would be. Mr. Laningham is a kind and caring family man. He and his crew were willing to go that extra mile and work hard behind the scenes to ensure success the day of the sale. The auction itself was very organized and conducted in a manor that proves them to be professionals. I am very pleased with the results.

Posted by Ray Parks & Family on 5/13/05
We used Laningham Auction Service for personal property sale and highly recommend Laningham servic for all auction requirements. Rodney and his team are very professional, customer focused, and have a very high degree of integrity. They are very sincere and have a deep understanding how the customer feels about the sale of one's life long treasures.
We will definitely use Laningham Auction Service again should the need for auction service occur.

Posted by Family of Carl E. Williams on 8/11/04
Our family would like to thank Mr.Laningham for the excellent service he provided. His experience and professionalism turned a dreaded ordeal into a pleasant one. His mannerisms kept the atmosphere festive and everyone had a good time. The results far exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend him for all auction services.

Posted by Mary Kay Swan on 5/14/04
Laningham Auction Service sold my Aunt's years of collecting things. They were all great. Took my Aunt's feelings into consideration. She was very pleased with success of the auction. I would highly recommend this auction company.

Posted by Jack Woolard on 3/30/03
Laningham Auction Service has conducted Real estate auctions for the City of West Fankfort. Mr. Laningham, along with his associates, G. David Green and Frank Browning, has provided a professional auction service. They did an outstanding job of taking care of all the details involved with a successful auction. The City of West Frankfort will utilize the services of Laningham Auction Service for future auction needs.

Posted by D. Michael Riva on 3/22/03
My law firm has used Laningham Auction Service to sell Real estate and household items at public auction. Mr. Laningham and his associates, G. David Green and Frank Browning, were professional in their efforts and conducted themselves with the highest level of integrity. I will use Laningham Auction Service again and highly recommend its auction services to anyone.

Posted by U. Richey on 1/29/03
Laningham Auction Service sold both real estate and personal property for my family. Out of state members of my family were very much impressed as well as myself with their honesty, ability, good hard-working crew AND MOST IMPORTANT the results. They secured for us The high figure from an independant appraiser for the real estate and we thought exceptionally good for the personal property. Wonderful to work with. Be glad to answer any questions.
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